Dans le cadre des incertitudes autour de la Turquie

Dans le cadre des incertitudes autour de la Turquie

Mardi 9 août 2016, par Claude Deroudilhe, Tribune libre

Dans le cadre des incertitudes autour de la Turquie, il n’est pas inutile de voir que, même aux Etats-unis, des responsables s’interrogent, y compris sur le rôle et la place de l’OTAN.

Nous publions donc ce texte de Dana Rohrabacher, congressiste, Président du sous-comité des Affaires étrangères pour Europe/ Eurasie. Il permet de dialoguer sur des sujets très brulants.

Il date de décembre 2015 et, faute de moyens, nous l’avons laissé en anglais.


Not radical Islam, but the Russians have been portrayed to us as the villains in this chapter of history.

Yet our government demonstrates a lack of will, incompetence, or both, in confronting the most monstrous of the radical Islamic marauders now spilling vast quantities of innocent blood in the Middle East – as well as in Africa and France.

When Russia courageously stepped into the breach we should have been applauding its willingness to confront ISIS. Instead, we continue to denigrate Russians as if they were still the Soviet Union and Putin, not Islamic terrorists, our most vicious enemy.

So now we see the travesty of a harsh condemnation of the Russians for introducing air strikes against terrorists who will murder Americans if they get the chance. Yes, Russia does this to protect Syria’s authoritarian Assad regime, which has close ties to Moscow. So what ?

Today we witness the spectacle of American decision- makers, in and out of the Obama administration, joining forces with a Turkish regime that grows more supportive of the radical Islamist movement. There is ample evidence of President Erdogan’s complicity in ISIS’s murderous rampage through Syria and Iraq.

Why do Americans feel compelled to kick Russia in the teeth ? Russia’s military is attacking an enemy that would do us harm. Why ignore the hostile pro-terrorist maneuvering of Turkish strongman Erdogan ?

President Obama is wrong. American politicians who try to sound tough at Russia’s expense in this case are not watching out for the long-term interests of the United States by undermining those fighting our primary enemy, Islamic terrorists.

Russia should be applauded. Instead, it is being castigated for doing what our government is unwilling to do to confront the terrorist offensive now butchering innocent human beings from Africa, to the Middle East, to the streets of Paris.

If being in NATO means protecting Erdogan in this situation, either he shouldn’t be in NATO or we shouldn’t.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher - Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia-